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Sakura Drops | Full Blossom Enamel Pins

Sakura Drops | Full Blossom Enamel Pins

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A set of five Sakura Drops pins, the main pin design in a various color schemes. The pin itself is .75 inches tall, from point to point and uses a variety of metal and ink types and colors. These pins are limited edition and numbered! They will not be returning in these original colors. Don't miss out!

The Cherry Blossom comes in many colors and currently these pins feature four of them:

Sakura: The original light pink. (No longer available)

Kanzan: A darker variety of pink (No longer available)

Shogetsu: Serene variety that comes in white

Ukon: The glistening golden yellow variety

Like the flower itself, it is small, simple but beautiful, with the iconic bits of detail that represent the sakura. Where the magic truly lies is when you combine five petals together. This design has been crafted in such a way that they fit together to create a full blossom.

The pin I've designed is special in that it has multiple uses:

    • On its own, it is a lovely simplistic enamel pin of a single petal from the cherry blossom, but
    • When combined with four more petals, it completes the full image of the blossom.
    • Also, the petals can be separated and pinned to look like they are falling. This is similar to how the petals fall from the trees every spring.
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